Vision: To inspire and motivate people to collectively make the world a good place

Mission: To create and share inspiring, motivational, and informative content amongst people who want to be a part of a positive world. WIOYS content is made up of pictures, blog posts, and videos that wear our values on it's sleeve. Our values are honest, courageous, and loving.  We believe in order to create a good world, we need to share these values with people on the internet.

What is WIOYS?

WIOYS is the acronym for Wear It On Your Sleeve.  Each article is created with the intention to spark a conversation. Wear It On Your Sleeve was sparked when the founder was asked to make a video by Lynn University for It Gets Better; a website where people post videos to help prevent suicide amongst lgbt youth.

Who is WIOYS?

Keith Andrade
Founder and CEO

My Mother always told me I wear my heart on my sleeve. Her words inspired me to live life through self preservation and I have learned to do everything I do with love. I have also learned that to live life fully YOU must do what makes you happy; now and in the long run.
— Founder and CEO, Keith Andrade

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