“You have alway worn your heart on your sleeve.”

🤕 I created Wioys because I didn’t want to feel alone or feel there could be a problem in my life lacking a solution.

❤️ I believe everyone should feel love, connection, and inspiration because I think those are the values that helped me win with depression, anxiety, bullying, and racism.

✍🏽 I used Wioys initially as a medium to practice my feelings where I could record my thoughts and observe my writing.

🌎 The actions I took in this situation, feeling alone and lost in this world, resulted in created WIOYS, a community of healthy, passionate, and kind human beings willing to come together and ripple love into the universe.

⭐️ The greatest things arrive when you're willing to be open to life's most significant opportunities.

😁 There's so much more to this story, and I'm so excited to tell you more along this journey!

🔥 Welcome to WIOYS, where you get right what you need!

Keith Andrade, Founder of Wear It On Your Sleeve.