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The Secret of Limits

The Secret of Limits

Sometimes, in life, we purposely turn away from challenges that appear too hard. Challenges that by nature seem impossible to overcome. Of course, this must be an illusion though! Human kind continues to surpass limitations. We have surveyed the entire planet for all of its landmasses and oceans. We have gone to the moon and beyond to discover possiblities that lie beyond our solar system. This world is infinite because we humans are as well. “As within, so without."

Ava, The Sea Turtle

Once upon a time there was sea turtle who had been on an outer journey for too long. She was a curious little one. Her name was Ava. She has the same gift we all do. A gift that has been with her since the day she hatched on a sandy beach with her brothers and sisters to return to the sea. Ava has now been in her "lost years” for almost ten years and could barely remember where she had come from and the group she had been with. This would all soon change for her because she would remember.

The journey for Ava has been long and tough. Many of her brothers and sisters had not survived the Emergence. The Emergence is when the hatchlings begin their climb out of the nest in a coordinated effort to reach the sea. Ava had been the only one to survive until she met a new group of sea turtles, The Bale.

When Ava had first met the Bale she believed they were strange creatures. They did not stress or worry or even reflect about the past. They were always okay with where they were and because Ava had always been in search for others, she did not understand them quite well. So, Ava had decided to join a passing group of sea turtles.

Like many creatures of the ocean, all were on a journey. The group after The Bale were logical. They sought direction from point a to point b. They called themselves The Ids. They told Ava that in order to have it all, then they must see it all together. For years the Ids, including Ava, would suffer from stress, the past, and worry. Conversations would often consist of wanting to be somewhere else but stuck here. During the long days they would share their hatchling stories full of guilt, resentment, anger, and self-pity.

One particular dark and silent night Ava thinks to herself, "What if I stayed with the Bale. Would I still feel this way today?” It was nights like this she would have trouble breathing. Her lost years had begun to feel they would always be just that, an eternity of lost years. Her goal to find happiness had reduced her present moment as a means to an end. The next morning her life would change forever.

The Ids and Ava were swimming along their outer journey once again to find happiness. Ava had seen in the distance the Bale. She hasn’t seen them in over 5 years. It was only until the Ids and her got closer to the Bale she noticed they were heading back up to the surface. She had asked one of the Bales why they are going up to the surface for she just saw them up there taking their breaths.


He then responds, “Ava! Why don’t you stay with us for a while, will you please? We think you’ll find gratitude in what is.” Ava replies, “what do you mean what is? You are not making sense. There is a whole world out there, although I’m still not finding what I want. How is it you’re so happy.” The member of the Bale responds, “Time is relative. It is not what is but where."

Ava decides to stay with the Bale. She learns what it means to be present to every moment. She learns that this moment is often referred to as the now and what is. She learns stress is caused by being present but wanting to be in the future. That she must enjoy the flow of energy and observe her mind. The Bale teach her that holding on to the past is creating a false sense of self. She is aging her self faster because the amount of years she holds on continues to weigh her down in this moment. This is why time has felt like an eternity. Lastly the Bale tell her worrying is another false sense of self. It is impossible to cope for a situation that doesn’t exist and she must forget what she learned from the Egos. They have designed mental illusions to avoid dealing with the present moment. Ava asks, “Who are the Egos?”

The member of the bale says, “The mind who lives in us. I think you call them the Ids. It plays with our emotions and can drive us out of awareness. It lives and thrives in false senses of past and present but the only thing that will ever be real is the now, this moment. This moment then, this moment now, and this moment again which then would be referred to as the future.

The Bale bring her to the surface and then they all breathe in silence. They become fully present. No thoughts to be heard and not even in their heads. They listen to the sounds of the earth as the sea surfs the planets waves and feel the rays of the sun glisten the water as the star projects warmth and protection to their surroundings. There, on the oceans horizontal point, she sees green and brown bulging from the earth itself. Filled with luscious groups of greens and blues and perhaps some reds and whites. She realizes now there are new heights in this world that she had not been aware of. Ava follows with her eyes up the mountain up to its peak and sees a white object vast with moving shades of white across the blue sky. She realizes that this is a bird as free as can be. She wonders how high can the bird go. Is there no limit to how far one can go? Suddenly behind the bird a giant machine blasts off further into the infinite appearing sky. She imagines where blue skies must reach something larger and more colossal than the once thought vast white bird she saw earlier.

Now, Ava had learned a valuable lesson. There is no limit except for the one we create. We must choose to be present to this moment. We can change our life situations for they exist in and of experiences and circumstances in a given moment, but we can not change our life for that is who we are; timless creatures.

By Keith Andrade

You Can improve your life situation, but you cannot improve your life. Life is primary. Life is your deepest inner Being. It is already whole, complete, perfect.”
— Eckhart Tolle

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