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10 GIFs That Are Sure To Make You Smile

10 GIFs That Are Sure To Make You Smile

Because the world could use more smiles


Let's start with something small and compassionate... Like this adorable puppy 



Ah yes, can't forget about the classic corny yet sophisticated animal joke. Ha. ha. 



And then there is always the naughty smiles that we live for 



here's an example with turtles



Sidenote: Turtles are not nice, your childhood lied to you; Franklin the turtle is an asshole.

Turtle gets Bird.jpg
       Franklin & friends? I think not.

       Franklin & friends? I think not.



Let us move back to the happiest animal there is!


. . . 


Really dislike when that happens.



You're probably smiling a little extra because you know how great that feels



If you don't then at least trust this guy



Lets finish this with some pure genuine kindness from one thing on this planet born sweet


errrrr, maybe a younger example . . .



We apologize for the fright cute wittle baby !!



AND REMEMBER it is NEVER unusual to try on a smile and do a little dance 

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