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5 Steps to Change your life

5 Steps to Change your life

These are 5 easy steps on how to analyze where you stand in your life and what to do if something needs a radical change.


1.     Grab A Piece Of Paper

Rate each category on a scale 1-3, 1 = not satisfied, 2 = satisfied, 3, satisfied and still taking steps for growth. If anything lands on a 1 or 2 please see the steps below.

  • Personal
  • Education/Career
  • Finances
  • Health
  • Family/Friend
  • Romance



And not in the “on trend” way where you get a tattoo so that you can believe you actually seize the day but the real way.  Don’t mistake this for me saying live each day as if it is your last.  Let’s get real … not possible! If today was my last day I may take some magic mushrooms, head to Paris or Ibiza and spend my last hours infected by the beauty of nature, the sound of music and touch of the man I love.  So therefore, I would be broke BUT it would be my last day so it wouldn’t matter.  The real way to seize the day is to be present to each moment.  If you hate your morning commute that has your driving for two hours or taking two different forms of public transportation how can your CFD?  Jam out in your car to the songs that speak to your soul, listen to a comedian to start your day with laughter and a smile, use the time to reconnect with family or your best friend, read that book you have put on your bucket list.


3.     Quit Your Job

OK you got it!  I don’t mean literally quite your job, although you can … I have … and I highly recommend it if you hate your job. Really, what I mean is – handle your circumstances before your circumstances handle you.  Don’t be victim to anything in your life and remember you are the driver in your story and you are in control.  If you are working a job you hate you may not be able to quit right away.  However, that does mean gain control, edit your resume, put out feelers and be open to another possibility. Or if you are in a relationship that is not working, don’t stay because it is convenient or comfortable – gain control, decided whether or not therapy is for you, what the cost would be to separate, and reach out to a friend.  No need to keep things to yourself out of fear of not looking good in front of others; we all have our own shit.


4. Thoughts Become Things

Decide who you want to be and own it, even when its hard. Know your worth, know that there is no one in the world like you and know your worth. If you don’t know, how will anyone else?


5.     SHARE

You never know who is listening! Share your goals; dreams and aspirations with as many people as you can and the hardships. You never know the impact you may have on someone else or what someone else can offer you. We are all on this journey called LIFE together.

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