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5 Easy Ways To Start Your Morning

5 Easy Ways To Start Your Morning

1. Meditation

  Meditation via Moyan Brenn

Meditation every morning will clear your mind in order to kick start your day. Yes, we too have heard the story of someone falling asleep during yoga-meditation class. 
We promise meditating in the morning before you leave the house is great. Think of morning-meditation as a way to dust off your mind so you are then able to focus on your desired tasks the rest of the day.

2. Water

A Tall glass of water via Enid martindale

A glass of room temperature water is a physical kick start to your day.  Drinking 16oz of water when you wake up initiates your metabolism for the day by flushing through your body.  Also, you're given brain fuel and become less hungry because of the food sitting in your stomach overnight. Our body is 72% water; get hydrated early!

3. Exercise

Exercise via  Sancho McCann

Exercise via Sancho McCann

Getting your blood pumping is guaranteed to create more focus! By the time you get to work or school you will have already been set into gear for the rest of the day by working out after you wake up.  Morning exercise also boosts your metabolism.  Did we mention you'll feel amazing? Don't knock it till you try it.

4. Smile

Peace Pilgrim The world is like a mirror, if you smile at it, it smiles at you via BK

Smiling isn't for everyone; especially New Yorkers, although smiling at yourself is extremely helpful in the morning.  We at WIOYS encourage everyone to smile at themselves in the morning and share a compliment with yourself.  Start smiling in the mirror every chance you get; especially in the morning.


5. Stretch

Cat Stretch! via Joe Barney

IF ALL ELSE FAILS, stretch like a cat after a long nap.  Every morning we stretch our limbs as far as we can reach.  Morning stretches will help activate our muscles from a good night's rest and spring you into gear so you may get out of bed. 

Have any other suggestions for starting your morning? Let us know in the comment section below!  We at WIOYS are always looking to learn more to share more.

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