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Baruch College Students Give Away One Hundred Origami Hearts

Baruch College Students Give Away One Hundred Origami Hearts


The Purpose of the “do good project” was to make a difference in our community with a small act of kindness.


Hundred Hearts was created to raise people’s spirits with a little action that can they can take with them throughout the rest of the day.

The Hundred Hearts campaign consisted of distributing paper hearts, created through the Japanese art of paper folding, also known as origami. Distribution took place at both Baruch College and Madison Square Park to reach a larger demographic of people. Each heart had a different handwritten message.

Our primary goal was simple: to deliver origami hearts with a message that brought happiness, motivation, and encouragement.

For the people who have felt down and alone,
for the individual who has lost hope and
for the person who was simply having a bad day


The feeling of seeing a person smile which was heartwarming because our small gesture was able to make someone’s day good, even for a fleeting moment.

This project impacted us in ways we did not expect. While we originally set out to make someone’s day better, one heart at a time--we did not realize that it would also make our days better, one smile and positive reaction at a time.

Hundred Hearts touched people of different ages, races, and nationalities, but one thing remained constant: the ability of one good deed to lift the spirits of both the person giving and the person receiving. 

Three Blue Hearts

Hundred Hearts


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