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Bitch, Dont Kill My Vibe

Bitch, Dont Kill My Vibe

5 Sentences That Will Transform Your Life:

1. Don't Take Anything Personal (Good or Bad)

If someone calls you beautiful, your reaction may be, "Thanks!" or perhaps you will acknowledge in your head, "They said I'm pretty therefore, I believe I look pretty today".  The same thing applies if someone compliments you as an artist or singer or a driver.  If you create the rule in your mind, 'when someone says good things about me it must be true' then, the same rule applies if someone says bad things about you then they must be true too.  No matter what life throws at you, you can't take it personally.  Making assumptions about what may or may not be true will guarantee you a false solution.  Our minds are computers.  We obsess over figuring out why something is happening the way it is.  Whether it's the way someone acts towards you or why we didn't achieve what we wanted, we always come out with a theory.  Theory: An idea used to account for a situation

2. The Past and Future are illusions. The Only thing that's Real is Now! 

The past happened in the now, and the future will happen in the now.  The thoughts of getting stuck in the past is delusional.  It already happened.  Nothing will change that.  Getting stuck in the future of what to do next doesn't work either.  To have a goal is amazing, but obsessing over it where you lose track of whats going on in this moment doest quite work either.  The future is tricky (but not really).  You may be asking, "well it would be silly not to think for my future because that's being responsible.  Let me elaborate, YOU WILL NEVER be satisfied if you are always planning for the next reach.  Look at the basketball player: He tells himself, "ill be so happy when I make varsity" then after that he tells himself he'll be happy once he gets into the college he wants.  Then, its the team he wants to be on and championships and so on.  STOP.  Being in the present is the only reality we can live in.  It'll be a chase in time.  The higher one sets their success rates, the more likely their happiness will flatline.  Everything will come to you! Dont live in the past or future of it though.  Reality is now.

3. Your Life is what you Believe it to be

 Our belief system is the strongest tool we have. They don't define us and they aren't facts. If you believe you are a quiet person then I bet you are. If you believe you are amazing at getting what you want, then odds are you are. What we choose to believe will always show up in our life. Stop turning you beliefs into facts and get that fact which you believe in out of your head and choose what will support you 

4. Thoughts Become Things 

 Our mind is incredibly powerful. We need to watch out what we choose to think because those thoughts will come true.  Here is an example of how powerful they are. Have you ever wanted a new tv or shoes or a game that has been constantly in your head. Maybe it's someone you've been thinking about. Then everywhere you go you see it. Everything you look at it reminds you of it or that person. We subconsciously source everything that comes up in our life. Sure, not everything that happens to us we create but then again, is that just a thought we choose to believe?

5. Happiness is a Choice

 You have to be something to have something. "Be it to Have it!" By being successful you will achieve what that means to you. By being happy, everything that makes you happy will come to you! It takes practice but the more you separate your thoughts from consuming your mind with made up theories and beliefs that aren't really facts, you can choose to have it all! And it all falls under happiness, the greatest tool we can own because we can choose it.

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