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Wise Wednesday

Wise Wednesday

 Today is wise Wednesday, a day filled with wisdom, wellness, life hacks, and insight to get you through till Friday.


Topic: Adaptability

Your skills in adaptability are important. Our environment is constantly changing to which we must be prepared for.  

Adapting is actually something we do naturally just like a chameleon. Think about this, you're on your way home from work and there's a detour. The train signals are messed up or the traffic lights are just plain out wrong!   

You figure out how to handle the situation by making a choice. Sometimes your choice is hard and not thought out through.   

Focus on your adaptability skills and you can be prepared for any situation life gives you.  All good skills form in practice. Here are some tips to practice adaptability. 

  1. Eat & Hydrate  
  2. Meditate or Journal
  3. Sleep



 #1 isn't a joke. Hangry is a serious f******* adjective that destroys personalities. Your state of mind depends on your basic physical needs. 



What are your thoughts? You can write a comment below. 
Until next time, have a wise Wednesday !

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